Smart City Sensing

Thermal Screening of Physical Objects and Air-quality at Urban Scale

A novel approach for accurate outdoor thermal comfort evaluation…

IUHI - Intra Urban Heat Islands

Small scale 3D - thermal environmental analysis

Air Pollution

Smart Pollution Sensing (PM, NOx, O3, SO2, CO,...)

Data Driven Workflows - Comfort Sampling

Monte Carlo Sampling, 3D Viewing and Optimisation


We  address innovations in acquisition and sensing as well as densification of geo-referenced city-related data with novel processing chains in city data analytics. The core of the methodology lies in an urban-district-wide thermal data acquisition from aerial images resulting in a 3D thermal and air pollutant representation of urban structures. We address a selected and local scale densification of city data by proposing a three-dimensional microclimate and air-quality model that represents a volumetric model of air- and surface-temperatures as well as of air-quality related measurements at various height levels.

Innovating to combat the urban heat island effect

Urban heat islands and pollution, have become major issues for the urban environment, seriously affecting the health, well being and productivity of millions of people. We provide city authorities and urban planners with  an innovative data-driven process chain to capture the current state of urban quarters, regarding thermal conditions, air pollution levels and sources, providing essential information for decision-makers in order to improve the actual state.  We offer in-depth analysis of the causes and dependencies of surface temperature levels, especially of rooftops and streetscapes.


SmaCiSe Interactive Results Viewer (Beta)

We address innovations in acquisition and sensing of geo-referenced city related data with novel processing chains in city data analytics.
Daniel Rüdisser AEE INTEC
To improve a city’s environmental condition and infrastructure effectively and understand its optimization potentials detailed knowledge on the situation is mandatory.
Tobias Weiss AEE INTEC
For innovative rapid data acquisitio , dedicated detector heads to be mounted on drones and UAV’s are used to collect urban data.
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